This blog is about honesty and perspective. We wish to contribute to the overall media experience but have in mind to highlight the prejudice of other newspapers across the globe. If you think you can give us information which show a neutral view of an news article, we will follow it up to give resonance to the aspect of normality.

If you think you wish to leech information which is not public, we will make it our day job to get to the truth, within parameters of expense and security, to give a honest broadcast of the exact circumstances and conditions. Do not expect us to push or favor any cause. We withhold the right to publish what we think is news and related to the topic within the demarcated boundaries. We take into account other parties who may be subject of slander and will not take any responsibility of articles given by third parties. we accept that those third parties will take responsibility for published units. We will do our best not to point fingers and our aim is only to put the record straight. In this exercise we will publish what is public domain and if the sources is another news paper article or news clip the presence here is not to re-publish the same news. It will be to showcase their biased approach and the formation of material used will be subject to what was written in their own words.

We take no responsibility for third party posts and do not profit from any information received for broadcast.

All posts will be scrutinized and since the newspapers involved will comment here to redeem innocence, we will only allow your post, if it is non political toward other newspapers sources. Please administer your post to be a reward for the eye and not full of slander or other reclamation of standards which was overturned.

Please feel free to introduce us to bias and untruth. It is our Epic journey to give the information in an appealing and not obtrusive way. There is always two sides to a story. Tell us yours.



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