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Neutral news. Deciding who said something worthwhile without us being prejudiced.

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

This blog will try to find the truth behind information submitted by news papers all over the World. We see today that the BBC have serious alliances and are very biased toward those, in reporting the news. We find exactly the same from the Daily Telegraph. These are just an example of two news papers who are giving readers an account, which they wish would do the owners of the site justice. The truth is what you see and not what really happened, in these papers.

We aim to be an Ombudsman in regard to unbiased reporting and we will not be used as a smear campaign vehicle, against any particular news entity.

Please feel free to give your own accounts of news on the ground, for appraisal. We will post it if the information is found to be legitimate.  We do not take any responsibility for inaccuracy in posts but at the same time, will have the absolute truth as our gauge to your satisfaction. Anything quoted here is from it’s source and we refer you directly there to survey inaccuracies, if that is what we wish to show you.

We will submit, from time to time, any other news worthy events. We will also submit news given by third parties, which is noteworthy.

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